Hradčany Study Series

From the Initial Phase of the Circles Design: Plating Guide for the Two Plates of the 1 Haler. Original descriptions by Evald Larsen and Jan Kolár. Translated, edited, and newly illustrated by Mark Wilson. Published on demand by the Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain, Leeds, 2014. 48p. illus.

Plating Guide

Rekonstrukce přepážkových archů (v angličtině)

Larsen, Evald. Plating Guide for the Hradčany 1h. Translated from the Czech version by Mark Wilson. Larsen's introduction and identification key from the German edition translated by Johan Sevenhuijsen. (Knihtisk Series I, Volume III, Number 2). Winchester VA, Knihtisk, 2003, [rev. 2004]. xiv, 107p. illus.

Although this study was originally written in English, a copy in that language could not be found. Thus, Jan Kolář's Czech revision of the original and Johan Sevenhuijsen's translation of one of the German editions were used. This retranslation into English was made with the kind permission of the Larsen Estate.